What do you get when you cross media students and professionals from Sky?  Sky Studios… No not really! The result is a truly entertaining and enlightening day.  

On 12th December a team of Sky staff and the Morph team took part in an “Industry day” at Global Academy.  The academy is a unique college for Years 10 to 13 that specialises in broadcast and digital media. Founded by Global, the entertainment and media company, and working in partnership with University of the Arts, London, its aim is to provide students from all backgrounds with the skills needed in this competitive industry.  

The workshop with the Year 11s kicked off with the Sky team sharing about how they began their careers at the contact centre and the progression they have made into different roles including managerial and leadership roles.  They also shared about some of their creative colleagues who went on to have their own shows on the network. The key message in the session was that career paths are not always clearly defined but resilience and a willingness to take opportunities yields rewards.  Encounters with celebrities were not left out of the conversation as they students wanted to know if this was one of the perks of working at Sky.

Following from that, the Morph team led a communications workshop where the pupils got to apply certain techniques to their incredible talents of role playing.  

We ended the day by inviting the pupils to develop and pitch their ideas on solving a social problem.  

The earnestness, curiosity and enthusiasm displayed by the pupils throughout the day was rewarding.  Global Academy staff remarked on how the workshop ‘educated and inspired their students’ and how they looked forward to having Morph again.  

Contact us if your company would like to participate in workshops like this.  As professionals, you get to share your  their career journey and actively learn new skills alongside the students.