Morph piloted its Development Workshop on 17th of July 2019 with the pupils of Bedmond Academy.  The school is situated in a small village whose claim to fame is being the birthplace of British Actor Vinnie Jones.  The school is part of the Aspire Academies Trust whose collaborative principles help improve schools.  

With less than 90 pupils in the school, a cohort of 12 Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the workshop with Morph.  Kiran and Oge from the Morph team  ran the session with support from the Deputy Head, Ellie Ayrton.  We began the day by discussing our career paths up to our current roles and answered questions from the pupils ranging from “what do you like about your job” to “what is your office like?”

The highlight of the day was seeing children work in teams to frequently adapt their business strategies in order to make more money.  They celebrated successful efforts and were not afraid to magpie winning ideas from their competitors and execute in their own style. 

We concluded the day with a reflective activity that reminded us of the reason why we created Morph. Prior to the workshop, the pupils completed a survey on their career aspirations and most of the responses were limited to jobs familiar to them such as hairdresser, shopkeeper or builder. But after the workshop, they were aspiring to be Salespeople, Ad copywriters, Bankers, Engineers, and Innovators. 

We applaud Bedmond Academy’s leaders for recognising the need for enterprising skills and we were honoured to support them on the road to achieving that.  It was a successful pilot that not only validated our social cause but also provided the pupils with a thought-provoking experience they can hopefully build on over the summer holidays.