For Professionals

Working with us provides a mutually-beneficial experience, improving the outlook of the young people as well as your organisational capabilities. 


Soft skills enable professionals to function and thrive in teams and across their organisation.  They can be the deal maker or deal breaker with customers and clients. 

For every skills training purchased, we deliver FREE Development Workshops and Resources to pupils in a school. You do not have to be a distant patron. Our team will facilitate your involvement in the workshops (either in person or by videoconferencing) and guide you in bringing your relevant career experience to inspire and educate the pupils.   

Working with industry experts, we have crafted a range of soft skills training programmes listed below.



 The Programmes

Change Management

Day 1 – Professionals visit a local school & participate in a facilitated business simulation demonstrating the change process, provide mentoring & raise the aspirations of young people.

Day 2 – 3 – Office-based Change Management for professionals drawing on ‘Day 1’ experience, applying the theory to real-life context.

Diversity & Inclusion

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Conflict Management

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Team Work

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Emotional Intelligence

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Influencing & Negotiating

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Adopt a school

Schools and organisations who have participated in the programme can be linked to develop a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Why take part?

Help solve the challenge of social inequality by inspiring young people

CSR that has a positive social impact on local schools in your community

Benefit from bespoke soft skills training

Invest in the future economy

If you would like to be part of the change, please get in touch.