About Morph

Who we are:

Morph is a social enterprise founded in 2019 by a team of change management and education professionals passionate about improving outcomes for young people and improving workplace efficiencies.  

We recognise the need for an alternative approach to professional development training as well as the ‘rift’ between schools and the professional world that young people are expected to join. As firm believers in the power of change, we set about to remedy this by providing opportunities for young people to develop skills for the future while broadening their career goals beyond their immediate network. For the professionals, we promise to deliver training that goes beyond PowerPoint slides and theories to enable real organisational change.

Our unique model connects professionals and pupils because for every training purchased, we provide FREE Development Workshops and Resources for pupils.  Professionals have the opportunity to take part in the pupils’ workshop and contribute their workplace experiences as directed by our facilitator.  

Why we exist:

Social inequality and poor social mobility are problems in our society; children can only aspire to be what they see around them. Having a range of professionals come into schools can help broaden young people’s aspirations for the future.

Neuroscientists have found that metacognition and self-regulation strategies are linked to better outcomes in life such as pursuing further education, maintaining a job and avoiding crime. Our programme helps children develop these vital cognitive abilities.

Soft skills are becoming more important in today’s job market. During the course of the Development Workshop the children will develop their soft skills and become better prepared for the responsibilities of work.

Increased workload and funding pressures means schools having less time or money to focus on enrichment opportunities beyond Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our programmes involve zero planning for teachers at zero cost to schools.

Change is inevitable and can have negative or positive effects on an organisation. Professionals get to experience children’s uncensored reactions to change and employ strategies to manage change effectively.

Everyone believes children are the future. In partnership with us, professionals can help shape that future by having a real impact on young people and school communities today.



We are proud to have worked with a great range of organisations and schools. Will you be next?


Why is our mission important?

  • To develop vital cognitive abilities in children that are linked to better academic outcomes & career prospects
  • To provide positive & broader career aspirations for the youth beyond their own social circles
    To increase chances of overcoming the problem of poor social mobility in our society
  • To nurture essential life skills such as negotiation, problem solving & decision making – valuable assets in today’s job market
  • To demystify what it takes to operate in a business & build confidence in children to see themselves as part of it in the future
  • To immerse the professionals in the change cycle to develop tools & techniques for managing change successfully through soft skills development

If you would like to be part of the change, please get in touch.