As detailed in our previous post, FutureLearn, one of the leading global social learning platforms, are currently running a free course designed for educators, teachers, lecturers, and trainers who have had to rapidly move from face-to-face to online teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The course, titled “Discover practical ways to teach and support your students online”, is designed to provide you with the knowledge to help you overcome the hurdles presented by teaching online and to embrace its possibilities.

The course runs for 3 weeks, requiring 2 hours of study per week. Whilst the course started on the 23rd  of March, educators can join at any time during the course and have full access to both the course tutors and the global community of fellow educators. Fellow educators already participating are from across the globe and are all faced with similar challenges.

Course participants completed a poll which highlighted the types of challenges faced by educators globally.  The 10 common challenges are summarised below:


  1.  Lack of experience in creating and teaching courses online
  2.  Inadequate IT skills – resulting in  longer and more stressful workdays
  3.  Building a cohesive learning group
  4.  Interaction with the students, and between students
  5.  Monitoring student participation
  6.  Monitoring student progress 
  7.  Designing engaging online tuition and activities
  8. Younger children really need in person contact to learn and thrive
  9. Creating a program which parents can easily facilitate at home
  10.  Student anxiety

The course provides answers to these challenges, supported by the shared learnings of fellow educators across the globe.

Join now and learn how to create an optimal learning experience for your students.